Where to stay in Rajasthan

Here is the list of the hotels where I stayed while travelling through Rajasthan (you can read about my trip here). Some of them where stunning! All of them where safe and ideally located to visit the local monuments and points of interest. Clean, reliable and yes, with a Wi-Fi connection to get in touch with your loved ones ❤
Mandawa: Desert Resort

This resort offers some very nice cottages decorated in a tribal style. The place is really romantic because the lights, in the evening, are very low and you feel like the whole place is lit by candles. In the morning I saw some indian squirrels in the park 🙂 There is also a swimming pool, which is quite nice when the weather gets really hot.

Bikaner: Heritage Resort ***

It was not my favourite hotel, anyway the beds were comfy and I slept well. The staff was not very friendly but I just spent one night there so it did not bother me that much.
Sodakore: Mirvana Nature Resort Camp

This place is grand. Flowers, nature and peacocks everywhere. We slept in a small cottage for two. Wonderful swimming pool available in the garden.
Jodhpur: Fort Khejarla Heritage

Possibly one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. An immersion in the history of India. Just check the hotel website and look at the pictures… A wonderful place!!!

Jaipur : Royal Orchid Tonk Road *****

A very international hotel with an Indian touch. Nice view on the city.

Dholpur: Raj Niwas Palace

This hotel is an historical one. It is quite luxy! The rooms are amazing and traditionally decorated. Bourgeois.

New Delhi : Radisson Blu Dwarka *****

An international hotel as you can easily imagine it. Very clean, very nice. Very international.

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